Charles Moxon is a contemporary British portrait painter based in London and New York. Born in the United Kingdom and spending a portion of his 

formative years in the south of France, Moxon developed a passion for the arts at the young age of seven.  Determined to build upon his skills he studied the arts in Aix en Provence, Camberwell College of Art in London, and spent countless hours self-teaching the techniques of the art historical masters.  His signature style began to emerge as he channeled his fascination for detail into a larger artistic practice.  Taking inspiration from the painters of the 17th century, he incorporated classic techniques of light and clarity to enhance the details within his work as well as understanding  the intricacies of underpainting and glazes of oil paint.


His attention to detail is more than a technical approach.  Moxon's work is about connection.  He is conscious of the setting, the wardrobe, and the positioning of the body to convey each subject's  unique story.  A delicate balance emerges between encompassing the sitter's personality while portraying them in a stylistic manner that will remain timeless.  He encapsulates intimate fleeting moments with intense precision, despite the many months, or years, it may take to translate with his brush.  While he primarily works for private commissions, he has had a series of notable subjects.  Amongst Moxon's sitters are politician Harriet Harman MP, England and Chelsea footballer Roy Bentley, British entrepreneur Levi Roots, and Olympic Athlete Colin Jackson CBE.


Moxon has exhibited and worked extensively across Europe and North America.  His portraits have been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London in both 2016 and 2020 as part of the BP Portrait Award, the most recent for his portrait of Sharmadean Reid MBE.  In 2022 he was Awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Portrait Society of America and exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition in London.