Commission a Portrait


Investing in a portrait is investing in something special. Whether it is a person, relationship, or time in your life, you are transforming a memory into a timeless work of art. 


Charles Moxon understands the importance of connection in capturing these moments. Engaging his distinctive style that draws on influences from the Northern Renaissance, he works with transparent glazes and oil paints to depict each of his sitters with extraordinary clarity and a jewel-like luminosity. His brush does more than bring his sitters to life in unbelievable detail but portrays the connections he makes in a precious and meaningful way.


This guide is here to take you through the easy process of commissioning a Charles Moxon portrait.

  • The Brief

  • Your first step will be completing your Brief


    The Brief is here to gather all of the practical details for your commission in a simple list. These questions ensure that Charles can efficiently and effectively meet all your portraiture needs. 


    Charles is here to help guide you through the process and can even recommend the perfect size, medium, and approximate composition to enable the most meaningful portrait possible. He travels all over the world for commissions and has studios in London, the South of France, and New York City.


    Common questions for your Brief include: 

    Who is the portrait of?

    What is the approximate size you would like the painting to be?

    Is there a specific deadline? (For example, is the portrait for a special occasion?)


  • Once your portraiture needs have been determined, a formalised agreement for the commission will be arranged including an official quote, letter of agreement, and payment schedule.



    Once the size, medium, and initial conceptualization of the composition are decided upon, Charles will provide a quote for the production of the portrait.


    Letter of Agreement:

    This document outlines all the established expectations and will be signed to ensure that no misunderstandings occur.



    A 50% deposit will be secured once Charles has begun working on the portrait with the rest paid upon the piece's completion. Staged payments can also be arranged for larger works.


  • Charles believes that the process of having your portrait painted should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.


    Getting to know the sitter is crucial to the portrait process. Whether it be going to lunch or talking over a drink, Charles values the connections made before ever making the first brushstroke. Once the process begins, the sittings can take place at the sitter's home or in the studio. The initial sitting involves photographs and sketches with subsequent sittings working with a combination of these materials and painting from life. A minimum of two sittings are needed with more to be scheduled based on sitter availability. These sessions help Charles embody his sitter and provide each individual with a true one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Framing

  • Finding the perfect frame for your portrait adds the final finishing touch.


    While in most cases of a commissioned artwork the framing is excluded, Charles is happy to assist and oversee this important part of the process. Through his strong relationships with several high-quality framers, Charles can recommend the perfect frame and service to meet the same superb quality of your painting. After your portrait has been framed, Charles will even work with you to coordinate delivery, just as he has assisted his collectors to hang their works in homes around the world.

  • Colin Jackson painting by Charles Moxon

    The Finished Portrait

    Every finished portrait is completed to the highest of standards. 


    The time it takes to finish a portrait varies based on size and subject; however, on average, each final portrait takes from 3 to 6 months to complete. Charles is happy to work with individual collectors to make sure that any outlined deadlines are met. 


    Charles's signature techniques, pulling from the Northern European artistic masters, have allowed him to develop a practice of portraiture that values an intimate and precious scale that encapsulates the radiant glow each sitter has within. Bringing this to life, Charles is able to share the connections he creates in an exquisite painting.